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      Sciobio Biotechnology Introduction

      Company Profile 

      Chengdu Sciobio Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a platform-based company founded by scientists, insisting on original technology and reconstruction of underlying methods.Team resources continue to innovate in the fields of nanomedicine, synthetic biology, drug development, protein engineering, and cell engineering.The company has a complete 3D-CC technology system, 3D-STSAO intelligent manufacturing system, etc., and is currently deeply engaged in regenerative medicine, nanomedicine and international frontiers.

      The company's near-term strategy and long-term vision

      In the first phase of blue print (2021-2025), Sciobio will focus on the development and application of disruptive products in the clinical and aesthetic fields of regenerative medicine, as well as key technologies and breakthroughs in the Strangle Projects & Engineering.

      Introduction of Chengdu Sciobio Institute of Surgery

      Introduction to the Academy of Sciences

      Chengdu Sciobio Institute of Surgery (CSIS) is a private non-profit organization,leading global head scientists to gather,to realize the incubation and transformation of truly original technology.

      News of  the  Academy of Sciences

      In 2022,  the Molecule Frontier Conference could be organized in Chengdu, which is depend on the control of COVID-19 of the world.

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